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We assist you in issuing a blockchain-enabled digital asset (ITO)

  • Token Structuring
  • Set up of Token Sale Structure
  • Access to Legal Counsel & Experienced Token Issuers
  • Investor Relations & Communications
  • Optimization of Investor Documents
  • Marketing and PR
Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Investor relations are a central task of corporate communications and an essential part of our expertise. Companies interact with investors, analysts, and financial media to influence the expectations of the market as accurately as possible concerning company valuation.

Investor PR
Investor PR

Among the most important goals of public relations work is increasing the level of awareness and image cultivation. While a higher level of awareness can also be achieved through other strategies (e.g., SEO or social media), PR work is primarily aimed at achieving positive coverage in media such as newspapers, TV, or radio.

Investor Material
Investor Material

Receive feedback on your Business Plan and Pitch Deck. Having a strong background in financing (Organizer of the German Stock Exchange Days) and Tech helps us to make sure your data is accurate and understandable.


Roadshows complement marketing efforts in numerous ways. They will provide exposure and make the project and the people behind it more tangible. Related events will support the brand building, engage the community, and deliver content to share. Events can be leveraged to get in (personal) contact with potential investors.


get Access to experienced token issuers


Tokenization in Sports

Tokenization of sports clubs can open up new ways of raising funds without losing power and impact to an investor or sponsor. This opportunity could potentially have a positive effect on long term club culture and loyalty to the brand.

Benefits of Tokenization
  • Sports clubs get access to new forms of capital without alienating their fanbase
  • Publicly verifiable, token-based voters can increase the confidence of teams, athletes, and fans alike, hence reflecting the community's opinion
  • Grant token owners access to exclusive content & events
  • Teams can engage with their fans through binding or non-binding voting rights

European Blockchain Association

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AssetVisory combines vast experience in startup funding and founding with a long-lasting track record in token design, marketing, PR, and investor relations - enabling us to act as a bridge-builder between the client and investors.


Markus Nowak

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Kent Gaertner

Investor Relations
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Marcel THiess

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Maximilian BARON von König

Project Management
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